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Katy Hinz

About Katy Hinz

Director of Marketing Production - Yoga-master Katy heads up the Production Department at Synectics Media. Designing and creating for our clients is her forte, but she considers mind-reading to be her superpower. Her project-managing skills are unmatched thanks to her quiet, yet authoritative way of asking. Collector of chipmunk paraphernalia.

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Managing From The Gut

When I first took on the role of managing a team, I have to be honest, it felt a bit […]

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Knowing Your Strengths (and Limitations)

At Synectics Media we encourage our entire team to learn basic web development skills. Simply put, we are a stronger […]

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Cross-Training: 4 Ways to Win the Marketing Marathon

We’ve all heard of football players taking yoga classes to stay agile and flexible. But, how about a web developer […]

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