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New Boston RTM

New Boston RTM, a manufacturer, approached Synectics Media about conducting audience research and developing a new website to support their business goal of branching out to other industries. The added challenge? Everything had to be completed in 30 days in order to be awarded state funding.

Our in-depth research enabled us to identify the target audiences or “personas” (i.e., different types of site users) and their goals for visiting NewBostonRTM.com. The new website was developed for the primary user, which made up 20% of the audience but brought in 80% of the revenue. Before we built out the site, we tested site wireframes (similar to blueprints) to make sure it met the needs of the main persona.

We completed the entire project in under three weeks, and New Boston RM received state funding as planned. Their resulting redesigned site saw a 300% increase in organic search traffic.

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