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Optrex (Kyocera Display)

Optrex (now Kyocera Display) enjoyed a high volume of global organic (i.e., free) site traffic, but they wanted to increase it even more: 15% over a year. They turned to the expertise of Synectics Media for search engine optimization (SEO).

We identified that, due to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, the company’s main website wasn’t coming up in first position for key search terms. Instead, we saw that subsections of the site were listed before the main site, complicating SEO efforts. Using SEO best practices, we determined which search trends and approaches would increase their ranking. We also conducted competitor analysis and created a link-building campaign to boost Google rankings and benchmark performance.

In less than six months, we not only met their goal, we exceeded it by reaching a 21% increase in site traffic from organic search.

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