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Happy New Year from the Synectics Media team! Each new year is an opportunity for good news in the form of fresh starts, new adventures and great ideas. We love starting the new year with good news. In that spirit, we are very happy to announce that Synectics Media is now offering a brand new service – Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development!

What is an MVP? An MVP is a stripped-down version of a conceptual product or service. It’s built with a strategically selected minimum feature set – enough for an investor or early adapter to clearly understand how the product or service will work and try it out for themselves.

What else does it do? An MVP lets you test, validate and refine your idea before investing time and money into a fully-developed app or platform. It also helps you understand up front what features real world customers want and which ones they don’t care about. Many extremely successful businesses started as MVPs. (Think Zappos, Twitter, Dropbox and Groupon to name a few.)

How does it work? Bring us your idea. We’ll help you narrow down exactly what it does and what problem(s) it solves, and then decide together what features it needs. Then we’ll prioritize that set of features and design, test and validate your MVP. And you can rest assured – your brainchild is safe with us.

How much does it cost? We operate on a flat fee basis – no hidden fees. When we’re done, you will have what you need to present your proven concept to investors for backing.

Where can I learn more? Check us out at minimumviableproductbuilder.com and reach out with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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