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Why You Should Cowork (Even if You Have an Office)

Leah Yanuszeski Synectics MediaThis past Wednesday, a coworker and I spent the day coworking at Grand Circus Co, a tech hot-spot and coworking space in Downtown Detroit. Now don’t be mistaken, I already have a desk (scattered with paperwork and remnants of my day-to-day work). I’m comfortable there, I have a routine. Yet I jumped at the opportunity to work from somewhere else, and here’s why.

  1. Change of View: Monotony can get so, well . . . monotonous. I know it’s hard for me to get inspired about work when I look at the same wall, five days a week. The coworking space we chose to inhabit had a beautiful view of downtown Detroit, which was totally awe-inspiring. I finally found the energy to blog again (voilà, my post here!).
  2. Change of Pace: When you’re in the office, you’re often seen as “available,” either for questions, quick chats about clients, meetings . . . the list goes on. While proximity to other coworkers is super helpful for collaboration, it can also get distracting. Think about it: getting pulled from the task you were doing, to talk about another item, cuts some serious time out of your day. Plus, the time it takes to transition your thinking to and from your previous task counts. When you’re coworking away from the office, you can spend a full two hours on one task! Now that’s exciting.
  3. Change of People: I love my coworkers (hint hint, nudge nudge). But I love meeting new people. While I was coworking, I met two representatives from Microsoft, a professor from a local college who is moving to Detroit, plus a couple others. Not only is it great to meet others for the sake of making friends, but it’s a great way to network. Plus, new people mean new ideas. Coworking spaces encourage the exchange of ideas and that encourages growth on all ends.
  4. Change of Coffee: Grand Circus Co. had some great coffee and tea up for grabs. It kept us up and humming all day long.
  5. More Marketing! When you get out there, so does your name. Everyone who you meet now has heard your company’s name. This point is pretty self-explanatory, yay branding!

So, get out there and cowork. Step away from your desk and find yourself an awesome workspace away from the office. If you’re a bit hesitant, do what I did and go with a coworker. You’ll have a familiar face, but in a new environment.

Laura and Leah Coworking from Downtown Detroit.

Laura and Leah Coworking from Downtown Detroit.

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