4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Love Newsletters

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Love Newsletters

Newsletters (both print and digital) are one of the most important (and fun) tactics for a company to maintain contact with past, current, and future customers. In fact, this cost-effective marketing tool will help to build relationships and nurture prospects. Not only do newsletters update customers on recent company news, but they can help educate and persuade clients to work with you (or buy from you). What are some other benefits to newsletter marketing? Below are four reasons for businesses to love newsletters.

Increase Brand Awareness & Expertise

Customers and prospects could have a limited perspective of your company. For example, if they only see a promotional email for select products, they might not even be aware of everything you sell. Print and digital business newsletters build a broader picture.

Pro-tip: To encourage readers to learn more, include links to articles and related pages on your website. This will give your audience more information while driving traffic to your site.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, newsletters can also to help establish credibility. According to PR 20/20, an important benefit of newsletters is that they can provide valuable information and help to establish a company as an expert in their industry. How can your business do this? Include articles on important issues in your sector, share industry news, and even share details on relevant conferences and events.

Pro-tip: Crafting a compelling business newsletter will help to appeal to your target audience.The information you include can both attract and persuade people to not only listen to you but it helps to create a connection.

Create Hype Through Promotion

Include a promotion of a product or service in your newsletter. (They are one of our favorite things to include in our newsletters!) Whether you reinforce a current special offer, run a newsletter exclusive offer, or create a giveaway, all will help to add value to your newsletter.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking to sell a specific product or service in order to meet your quota, a newsletter is a great way to sell it without being too pushy.

Use as a Networking Tool

Creating a business newsletter is a great opportunity to reach out to other professionals. Be creative in your approach. Here at Synectics Media, we’ve reached out to our network for interviews, conducting a survey, and to extend invitations for guest blogging. Newsletters can also help widen the reach audience your company can receive. Think about it, if you’re featured in an article or customer spotlight piece, you’re likely to share it with your network. The same goes for a newsletter. Any person or organization that you feature is likely to share your content with others.

Pro-tip: Newsletters themselves have great pass-along value, but a good newsletter that features another company or individual has the opportunity to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Creates Regular Contact & Shortens the Sales Process

Sending out newsletters on a regular, consistent basis will help to maintain open communication with both customers and prospects. Whether you’re nurturing a sale or trying to maintain contact in between purchases, a newsletter can help your business to stay top-of-mind.

Pro-tip: For digital newsletters, we recommend sending them out either weekly or monthly. For print newsletters, we’ve seen success in sending them out quarterly.

Newsletters are also a great vehicle to develop stronger relationships, especially if your industry has a long or complex sales process. Newsletters can show potential customers who you are from a brand perspective along with pre-selling them on your ability to do your job right thus decreasing the length of your normal sales process.

Can you think of other reasons why newsletter marketing is so successful for businesses? What are some of your favorite newsletters that you’ve seen? Talk to us in the comments below!

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