5 Ways Your Marketing is Like a Burrito

5 Ways Your Marketing is Like a Burrito

The Synectics Media team has a “thing” for food. Okay, maybe obsession is more like it. Located in Ferndale and near Royal Oak, we are surrounded by many delicious restaurant options for lunch. But when we feel like “eating in,” one of our favorite lunches is Burrito Day in our office kitchen. During those lunches, we all contribute something and make our own burrito to suit our tastes. The other day, while assembling her burrito, one of our Content Producers noted that a strong integrated marketing campaign plan is a lot like a burrito.

How’s that, you ask? We’ll tell you!

  • It needs more than one ingredient. Just like a plain cheese burrito is not particularly inspiring, a one-dimensional marketing plan is not as effective as one made up of several components working together to create a powerful (and delicious!) total package.
  • There are many different recipes. Olives? Tomatoes? Rice? There are many ways to make a good burrito, depending on your taste. However, there are some ingredients you must have, or it’s not truly a burrito. The same can be said for a strong marketing strategy. It must include persona development, creative strategy, clever design, engaging, well-written content, and analytics. Depending on your needs, you may include any mix of landing pages, video, social media, blogging, email marketing, a great podcast, print materials, or more.
  • It can be bland without some creative flavor. A recipe can get stale if it’s always made the same way, without ever trying anything new. Marketing is that way, too. Don’t always do the same thing. Try adding something different to the mix. Keep up with marketing trends (the way a foodie follows a food blog) to stay on top of the latest “ingredients” to add to your marketing strategy.
  • Testing is essential. You should never serve a dish you haven’t tasted first. Similarly, you must test your marketing strategies and pay attention to analytics, so you understand what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes testing reveals that you need to look in another direction, or you aren’t ready to launch quite yet. Adjust the strategy to create the best experience possible for your consumer.
  • Quality is key. Just like the results of a finished dish are enhanced by the best, freshest ingredients available, your marketing strategy is only as good as the quality of the components that go into it.

Feeling hungry? So are we! Would you add something else to our “marketing plan recipe”? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Posted by Sharon Stanton

Sharon Stanton

Content Producer - As a content producer, Sharon is thoughtful in her approach. She knows the best results come when you have the full picture, so she listens, and strives to make meaningful connections with people. Sharon likes to convey her message in as few words as possible. Sometimes an ironic emoji is all you need.