8 Skills That Make A Good Account Manager

8 Skills That Make A Good Account Manager

Being an account manager isn’t for everyone. It’s hectic and stressful, but in the end it’s so worth it! Especially if you’re a people person and have a passion for helping others.

Being an account manager at Synectics Media means that I have the opportunity to work with our clients on an individual basis to help improve their business. Our clients allow me to become part of their journey for success while we both learn and grow together, as a team. There really is nothing better.

So what does it take to become a good account manager? Below are eight key qualities of an effective account manager.

  1. Strong Communicator Who Loves Communicating
  2. This can’t be emphasized enough. Strong communication skills are crucial in account management. Why? Effective communication is needed for making presentations, establishing relationships, writing detailed reports, and communicating over email and on the phone.

    Additionally, effective account managers know that communication is both sharing and listening. They constantly and consistently share important information with the right people, whether that’s updates to clients, client insights to internal team members, or the state of account health to key decisions makers.

    They also listen more than they talk. By asking key questions to learn what’s really going on, account managers proactively dig into issues to get people to share with them. This constant and strong communication means that expectations, priorities, and goals are clear to everyone involved.

  3. Extremely Detail-Oriented and Organized
  4. Another big aspect to account service is staying organized. As an effective account manager, you have to know where your stuff is (both literally and figuratively) so that your clients know where their stuff is at all times. Your clients trust you to keep everything together and organized. From color coordinating different campaigns to creating daily checklists to setting weekly goals, those are just a few things that help keep me organized.

    Going hand-in-hand with being organized, every account manager needs to be extremely detailed oriented. Your clients are running a million miles a minute and they’re trusting you to pay attention to the little details that they may overlook. For example, I know that one of our clients prefers the use of one logo or another. Before sending over any marketing piece that contains their logo, I make sure that the proper one is used. It’s little details like this that makes for great account management.

  5. Caring
  6. It’s important to get to know your clients on a personal level. Why? Creating a professional yet personal rapport will help to build trust. Having clients’ trust leads to client happiness and loyalty, which every effective account manager wants. Caring about your clients and showing empathy toward them will help put them at ease, knowing that they are one of your top priorities.

  7. Passionate People Person
  8. In account management, you need to love people and the dynamics of relationships. If you aren’t a people person or tend to get caught up in drama, account service isn’t the career for you. Effective account managers are genuine, good at relationships, and naturally possess confidence.

    On top of that, account managers are passionate, and you can see it in every form of communication (both internally and externally). If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and truly believe that you (and your company) can make a difference for your clients, that passion will transfer over to them. Your passion will help your clients to uncover theirs.

  9. Customer Focused
  10. In conjunction with the above two traits, being customer focused is another quality of an effective account manager. Clients need to know that their account managers have their best interests at heart. How can this be done? By nurturing the relationship and going the extra mile. At the end of the day, account managers create value.

    What are some of my success factors? I’m always open and honest about prices and business terms, and I’m consistent. Both of these, along with trust, help to create loyal clients.

  11. Keeper of Meaningful Information
  12. Top-notch account managers can see both the big picture and minutiae. Being in account management means that you understand all of your clients’ marketing and businesses goals while also knowing where your internal team is in terms of campaign execution and how current campaigns are running.

    Having this knowledge is power and helps to head off challenges before they become problems. Being the keeper of meaningful information also means that you can share real-time success with your clients.

  13. Experienced and Willing to Get Hands Dirty
  14. Effective account managers have been on the front lines. They’ve usually spent years creating and executing successful marketing campaigns, which makes them the real world experience they need to fulfill an account manager role.

    Great account managers still like to get their hands dirty by staying up-to-date with trends in their clients’ industries. They also get into the weeds from time to time with team members to streamline the campaign execution process.

  15. Boundary Pusher
  16. Push yourself and your clients out of their comfort zones. Constantly bring new ideas to the table. Don’t ever just do what’s needed, strive to exceed expectations. As all effective account managers know, there’s always room for growth and new ideas.

Good account managers do more than just successfully manage daily interactions. They help to create value and foster growth among clients. What are some other skills that you think make a good account manager? Talk to us in the comments below.

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Posted by Jen Finney

Jen Finney

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