A Sales What? Reasons to Develop a Sales Funnel Now

A Sales What? Reasons to Develop a Sales Funnel Now

When I first came to Synectics Media, I had no idea what a sales funnel was. As a matter of fact, my eyes probably would have begun to glaze over at the very mention of it.

We have a picture of a sales funnel in the office, which, to me, looked like some strange physics drawing, extremely out of place in our wonderfully creative work environment. Eventually, I just had to ask what it was.

  • Find out where your customers are at in the decision making process. There are 4 different types of “buckets” that people are placed in:
  1. People who don’t have a need for or an interest in your product.
  2. People who are just beginning to search for something like your product, but are unaware that your product is out there.
  3. People who are aware of your product and thinking about possibly purchasing.
  • People who are ready to buy! A Sales Funnel is an awesome marketing tool.
  • It’s a great way to figure out where your customers are at, where your marketing dollars should be spent, and where they are being wasted.
  • A Sales Funnel not only helps you identify the people you should be targeting, but it helps you identify where they are in the decision making process, which lets you know which approach you need to take with them.
  • You can even begin to measure your conversion rates and predict how much work you’ll be bringing in if you stay on top of your sales funnel from month to month.

How easy peasy is that? Once you are able to figure out what type of people belong in each “bucket,” you can tweak your marketing techniques to apply. Turns out, this is really helpful for the consumer as well, if you are able to reach someone who is looking for your product, but has no idea where to start looking, you’re doing them a favor by marketing just for them!

Focus your dollars where they’ll count,  and increase your ROI.


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Posted by Erin Moss

Erin Moss