Why Blogging Works

Why Blogging Works

Pretend you’re at a crowded party and you’re trying to find out where the bathroom is. You run into someone who is holding up a sign that says “I know where the bathroom is” and you ask them for assistance. They hand you a business card and say that they would love to talk to you and then refuse to give you any more information. Frustrated, you leave the party and go home.

That’s how the internet has worked in the past. People would search through a big pile of noise looking for answers to their questions. The problem was that most websites weren’t made to provide relevant content. Instead, they were built to serve as virtual business cards for the companies they represent.

The mighty king of search engines (Google) has decided that it’s time to end this practice and start making the internet a more useful place. That means content. Lots of engaging content. Content that answers the questions people ask and gives them the information that they want to know.

Now, you’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with blogging, and I’m getting there. Your blog is one of the simplest ways to add content to your site. By regularly posting about your work, your industry and your clients you’ll be able to create a solid stream of content that is very Google friendly.

There’s also the social media sharing factor. People are more likely to share creative content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This means that more people will visit your site and click around. Also, more social media shares translate into a better Google rankings.

So to recap: blogging helps you connect with your customers and helps your Google ranking, which helps you find more customers. This makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools that your business can use. Remember: if you’re not blogging, your competition is.

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Posted by RJ Mey

RJ Mey