Build Your Business From the Inside Out!

Build Your Business From the Inside Out!

The people working for a company are among the company’s most valuable resources. I would even venture that a strong team is THE most valuable resource a company can have. A group of satisfied people working together toward a commonly understood vision is critical to the longstanding success of any business.

Here are some ways to build a business from the inside out:

    1. Create and foster an environment where people feel that they can speak up, and they will be heard. Even if someone’s idea is not implemented, people need to feel that they are being listened to, and their thoughts are being considered. Otherwise, they may stop bothering to present new ideas, which can lead to apathy, which can translate to a general lack of urgency – never a good thing in a place of business.
    2. Listen. Great ideas can come from many sources, and are often born of a perspective you never considered. Just because someone is not in your department or is brand new to the team does not mean they don’t have something of value to offer. In fact, we have found that some of the best ideas have come from people who have just joined our team – they have a fresh point of view and breathe new life into the “day-to-day operation.”
    3. Communicate! This seems obvious, but it is so easy to lose sight of. Consider the team in your work and conversations. Don’t meet for the sake of meeting, but keep others informed of developments that may affect them or their departments. In the absence of communication, people create their own information! That’s usually not a good thing.
    4. Be straight with people. Be diplomatic, of course, but be honest with your team. It’s so important for people to have a common, accurate understanding of where things stand (or where they stand!) in order to continue working as a cohesive unit toward a universally understood goal.
    5. Take care when building your team. Hiring should never take place in a silo. People who will be working with a new team member should have an opportunity to participate in some way in the interview process. Ask questions that will reveal how a person responds in various situations. Listen to your gut. It rarely leads you astray.
    6. Don’t micromanage. It is possible to keep your team on track without driving them bananas in the process. It requires diligence and trust on both sides, which must be developed over time. But once trust has been established, give people the space to get their job done.
    7. Take ownership of your mistakes. Ugh, this can be hard to do. But it is the right thing to do, and even though it is uncomfortable in the short term, it builds credibility and helps reestablish trust. One of the smartest people I know once told me that when her team made a mistake, as the manager of that team, she took responsibility, even when the mistake wasn’t “hers” directly.
    8. Share ownership of your successes. That same smart person told me that when her team had success, she never took ownership of it; she always deflected it back to the group of people working with her. Let’s be honest, most success in a team environment is due to the work of more than one person, show share the love!
    9. Make people feel valued. Recognition appears again and again on lists of what people consider important in their jobs. And sometimes, just a genuine, specific “Thank you!” for good work is enough. Recognition does not always have to be tangible. “I can last two months on a good compliment.” Mark Twain
    10. Have fun together! The Synectics Media team works hard, but we have fun, too. A lot of our fun is focused around food: a soup making contest, cooking breakfast in the office and many themed potlucks come to mind. But we have fun in other ways, too, like pick-up basketball at the court down the street, feather bowling outings together, or even just “walking meetings” through the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds our office.
The Synectics Media Team

We practice what we preach…last week we went out and celebrated National Tortilla Chip Day!






So there you have it, ten ways to strengthen your business from the inside out. I can’t believe I am ending with a baseball quote – it seems so cliché, but it’s true and fitting for today’s subject:

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” Babe Ruth

Until next time!

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Posted by Sharon Stanton

Sharon Stanton

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