Cross-Training: 4 Ways to Win the Marketing Marathon

Cross-Training: 4 Ways to Win the Marketing Marathon

We’ve all heard of football players taking yoga classes to stay agile and flexible. But, how about a web developer with HR skills? Or, a salesperson who can code websites?

Imagine a world where you could triple your team’s talent without adding to your overhead. Cross-training, yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

4 Ways to Cross-Train Your Marketing Team

1. Consider everyone a customer

It’s just a fact that people would rather do business with someone they know. Just think about how many people you know from your school, church, yoga class or the local coffee shop. Now multiply that by how many people are on your team. That, my friend, is your new pool of potential customers.

Arm everyone on your team from the janitor to the CEO with your 30-second sales pitch. Cross-train so your entire organization can explain the core value of what your company provides, so the next time the barista-turned-entrepreneur asks your web developer about marketing, he’ll know exactly what to say to bring you a hot lead (and a hot coffee!).

2. Expand your recruiting team

Looking for a new designer? Ask your team if they know anyone for the job. Employees who are hired based on another employee’s referral are are 10-30% less likely to quit (and have substantially higher performance rates)*. Plus, they’re already been “pre-vetted” and are much more likely to fit into your company culture.

Train your team on how to communicate your company’s core values and to spot the right fit. Make sure you communicate any open positions and their qualifications, and consider offering incentives for referrals!

3. Understand where you are and where you’re going

Think big picture. It’s crucial to empower everyone to think critically. Get them to ask “What am I doing, and WHY am I doing it?” By communicating and understanding the end goal, you now open up the conversation to the subject matter experts. Project managers are best at monitoring deadlines and budget, but the creative team need to know their parameters to keep the project on track. And if I had a dime for every “quick website update” that, upon further inspection, had a lot more moving parts than we thought.

Communicate, consult, and make sure everyone knows both the WHAT and WHY of the project.

4. Double, no, TRIPLE, your production team

It’s not unheard of for our sales team to jump into photoshop, or our project managers to tweak some code. Heck, our social media team is well on their way to becoming WordPress geniuses.

It’s crucial with a small team, that we all be able to wear different hats. When our programmers are out to lunch, our HR manager can field that urgent support ticket. Our strategy team knows how tools and technologies work together so they can recommend the best solution for what our clients need. It’s pretty darn awesome.

*Don’t worry, Dev, we won’t steal your jobs, but it sure is nice to know what you’re talking about sometimes.

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Posted by Katy Hinz

Katy Hinz