Do You Have a Work BFF? Here are 10 Signs You do!

Do You Have a Work BFF? Here are 10 Signs You do!

We all have that one coworker who we instantly connect with. From sharing the latest juicy gossip to sending funny GIFs and emails to taking your coffee breaks together, nothing beats having a work bestie. This BFF not only gets us through the day but they can also be considered our better-half. How do you know if you’ve found your work BFF? Read on to find out!

Sign #1: You Coordinate Your Coffee Breaks

These breaks aren’t just about getting up to stretch to get more caffeine, they are now a chance to see your work BFF. Even if you’ve already heated up your coffee, you always jump at the chance to grab coffee or tea with them.

Sign #2: Your Relationship Goes Beyond Normal

Not only do you have a guaranteed lunch partner Monday-Friday, but you often find ways to see each other after work hours. Whether it’s grabbing a drink for happy hour or going to a weekend work (or non-work) event, you’re always looking for an “excuse” to hang out.

You and your work bestie might even go so far as to get a pet together. That’s what I did with mine! We now share custody of a pretty little betta fish named Berry, who also helps to calm us down, too.

Sign #3: Every Task Becomes a Project

Let’s face it, two brains are better than one. And with your work bestie, you’re always looking for ways to turn your assignment into a project so that the two of you can work together on it.

Sign #4: You Know What the Other One is Thinking & Feeling

Whether you share many knowing looks in meetings or automatically have a gut feeling that something is off, you can always accurately guess exactly what your work BFF is thinking and feeling (sometimes even before they know).

Sign #5: You’re Always There for Each Other

You feel comfortable gloating to each other when you do something well at work, and you’re also each other’s shoulders to cry on when things go wrong.

Sign #6: You Run to Them for Everything

When a new piece of gossip is heard (office-related or not), you always tell your work bestie first.

Sign #7: You'd Be Lost Without Them

When they are sick or go on vacation, you truly understand the meaning of loneliness. The hours drag by and your life doesn’t seem quite as sunny. Work is truly never the same without your work bestie - which leads us to sign #8.

Sign #8: They Can’t Get a New Job

Ever! And let’s be real, if your work bestie ever quit, you probably would, too.

Sign #9: Everyone in the Office Knows You’re BFFs

You’re always together, sometimes even dress alike without even trying, and you can finish each other’s sentences. You both even go so far as to tell others (both inside and outside of your company) that you’re each others “better half”. Trust us, we promise it’s not that weird although your significant other might think otherwise!

Sign #10: You Might Secretly Be Obsessed With Them

We’re kidding, kinda. But you do know all the intimate details of their personal lives and their families lives. You might even call their mom by her first name, like they do.

What do you think? Did we cover all of the signs that you’ve found your work bestie? Tell us in the comments below, we love hearing from you!

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Posted by Jen Finney

Jen Finney

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