Event Reflections: Leadercast 2014

Event Reflections: Leadercast 2014

On May 9th, Clear Vision Strategy hosted Leadercast 2014, a worldwide, annual simulcast featuring speakers who are prominent in the leadership community such as Malcolm Gladwell, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Henry Cloud, and Andy Stanley.

Our team attended the event to sharpen our leadership skills and possibly do a little networking.
My first reaction to the event was “I’m not a leader, what do I need to learn about leadership for?” However, I learned that we are all leaders. As long as you exert some sort of influence over someone, you’re a leader. Still don’t feel like a leader? Take a look at all of the aspects of your life. Think of all of the groups you’re a part of, your work relationships, and your family. How do you influence them?

Everyone is a leader and everyone could definitely use a little help learning how to be a more effective one.

While all of the speakers had phenomenal things to say, one thing that Dr. Henry Cloud said really stuck with me.
My favorite quote from Dr. Cloud? “I know you’re a control freak, because you’re human.” Talk about a weight off my shoulders! I’ve always felt like a control freak, it’s nice to know that other people are too.
Andy Stanley gave us 3 tips to becoming a “Beyond You” leader. Tip one, get in the habit of letting other people make decisions. Along the lines of what Dr. Cloud said, let things go and stop being such a control freak. When you encourage other people to decide, you empower them. Tip two, “work for your team.” Essentially, make sure you get into the habit of asking what you can do to help. Make sure that you’ve given those you are leading, a chance to tell you what you can contribute. Tip three is “empty your cup.” In other words, pour all of your knowledge into other people. Don’t be afraid that they will surpass you, just keep filling other people’s cups.
Awesome leadership tips! I know I’ll be using some of them to make myself a better leader.

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Posted by Erin Moss

Erin Moss