Event Reflections: Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook

Event Reflections: Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook

Recently many of us at here at Synectics Media attended an event where we got the chance to hear Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, speak on topics such as new marketing techniques and her position at Facebook, among others.

While Sandberg’s speech was tailored to the auto industry, her nuggets of information on new, digital marketing techniques were gold. Here’s what I learned from Facebook’s COO, and how it applies to marketing:

  • “Americans are obsessed with our phones.” Ok, so that’s not the first time I’ve ever heard that. Americans are become increasingly (and arguably alarmingly) more dependent on their phones. Not only do we expect the correct information, but we expect things on demand now. But, we still expect what we see to be personal. We don’t want a mass messages that don’t have any impact on our life. This means that as marketers, we need to integrate our message and our products into people’s lives. Marketing is not about selling, it’s about creating an experience worth buying.
  • Facebook was first known for the saying “move fast and break things.” Now, it’s “move fast with stable infra[structure].” As marketers in the digital world, we need to keep up with the times for else risk falling behind forever. This requires us to be quick on our toes, nimble with technology and up-to-speed on everything. However, you have to know where you can “move fast and break things,” and where you need a stable infrastructure and take time. Deciding which projects can be sped up and which core items need constant attention is key.

The event, hosted by the Adcraft Club of Detroit, was slammed with marketing execs from the local area. There’s a huge network of digital marketing, print marketing and advertising firms in Detroit, and as it was so eloquently said, “Detroit matters to the marketing profession.”

Synectics Media Team

Some of our team at Sheryl Sandberg’s speaking event.

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Posted by Leah Yanuszeski

Leah Yanuszeski