4 Online Marketing Tools That Can Make or Break Your Business

4 Online Marketing Tools That Can Make or Break Your Business

More and more people are taking their shopping online. A 2010 Kelsey Group study found that almost all of them (97 percent to be exact) search the web for local products and services. And who can blame them?  With the world at their fingertips, why bother to pull out that hulking phonebook, now covered in dust that has been shoved under their desk?  It’s more important than ever to make sure that your target audience can find you and that when they do find you, they want to give you their business!

  1. SEO  – Do you know how you stand with Search Engine Optimization? Go ahead, Google your business. Not your business name, but your business purpose. Are you a plumber? Google plumbing for your area. Are you buried underneath a plethora of other options or are you on the first page of search results? If you’re not on top, SEO can help. SEO will help your potential customers find you!
  2. Social Media – Do you reach out to your customers via various Social Media platforms? Not only is this a great way to keep yourself present in your customers’ minds, but it allows you to offer special deals, interact with your customers and increase their trust in your brand, and get instant feedback. If you’re not already linked up with a Social Media platform, do some research and find out where your client base is hanging out online. Focus your attention on the top 2 most utilized platforms by your target audience and start interacting!
  3. Website – Does your website need an update?  How easy is it to use? How current is the information presented? Are people looking at it? Can people find what they need with it? Do a quick evaluation of your website. Ask your customers what they think or ask your neighbor or cousin to give your website an honest evaluation. Websites should be easy to look at, easy to navigate, and they should always contain the most current information available. If your potential customers are having a hard time finding information on your website, it’s likely that they are going to hit the “back button” or the “big red ‘X’” and move on to your competitor.
  4. Blog – Blogging is extremely overlooked as a business tool. This is your space to shine! Show why your business rocks! This is your venue to prove to your potential customers that you not only can give them exactly what they are looking for, but that you are the experts in your field. It’s also a great opportunity to let them get to know you and that allows you to build trust and report.

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Posted by Erin Moss

Erin Moss