How to Find (and Fuel) Your Passion in 4 Ways

How to Find (and Fuel) Your Passion in 4 Ways

I’ve been fortunate enough to fall into a field that I love (marketing) and reach career success that I didn’t think was possible until I was much older. But I know that I’m one of the lucky ones. Being in the “real world” for the last six years, I’ve seen countless friends and coworkers struggle to find true passion and work motivation in their careers. Oftentimes, these friends and coworkers turn to me for advice. Not in an “I have no idea what I want to do” kind of way, but more a “Where do I even start to find my passion” way.

Do you find yourself asking this same question? Similarly, are you looking for more work motivation that will lead to career success?

While I wouldn't necessarily dub myself as an “expert passion finder,” I have had enough successful conversations to help guide friends, coworkers, and you down the right path. So let’s get started!

First Things First

Finding your passion doesn’t happen in a day. In fact, it takes time, serious thought, a lot of effort, and sometimes some trial and error. This even applies to me. While I did stumble upon a career that I love, that doesn’t mean that it’s all rainbows and butterflies all the time. I still find myself trying to find a new passion as I evolve as a person.

Luckily the first step in how to find your passion is fairly easy and requires about 30 minutes of alone time to answer these key questions:

  1. What types of items do friends, coworkers, and/or family seek your input on?
  2. What skills seem to come naturally to you? How could you use those skills to potentially make a living?
  3. What’s an activity that, when immersed in it, you lose track of time?
  4. What’s one moment or accomplishment that made you feel really confident? What were you doing, and what part of it brought you the most joy?
  5. What top three things did you truly enjoy doing or working on today?

Remember, the sky is the limit when answering these questions, so don’t be afraid to answer them as creatively as you’d like.

Start Fueling Your Passion

Now that you know yourself a bit better, it’s time to start being proactive. While it comes in many different forms, below are a few suggestions on how to find your passion:

Find & Add New Work or Home Opportunities

Experiment by adding new and different projects at work and/or at home. Upon completing them, decide what you liked or didn’t like about each. This exercise isn’t meant to overwhelm you, it’s meant to inform you. These new experiences will challenge you, which can help you to find work motivation and your passion.

Read an Inspiring Book

Another great way to get invigorated and energized (and ultimately to find your passion) is to gain clarity on your purpose in life. One book that helped me was Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, but that’s just one of many great books that can help inspire you to find career success.

Take Your Life Into Your Own Hands

Starting each day with a positive attitude will make all the difference! Even if you don’t necessarily like your job or where you are in life, you should do it well and with a positive attitude. Also know that you always have the ability and control to set yourself up for better opportunities. Taking an online course and/or turning your hobby into a part-time business are just two opportunities that will allow you to take control of your future, resulting in career success.

Be Patient & Embrace the Journey

Whether you’re just starting to find your true passion or are in the middle of this journey, remember to enjoy it. Every job, opportunity, and experience has its purpose in life and as part of your career. All will provide you with the skills and resources needed to find your passion.

Just as much as I like giving advice, I love receiving it as well! What exercises have helped you to find work motivation and passion? Are there any books that have lead to your career success? Share them in the comments below!

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