Living Through (and Loving) the New Facebook News Feed

Living Through (and Loving) the New Facebook News Feed

Great news! Facebook has changed again! All the old rules for how to market your business on Facebook need to be thrown out the window!

What’s that? You’re not excited? Let me tell you why this is great news.

Back in December, Facebook made a change to their news feed algorithm, and while we don’t know exactly what they changed (they’re about as secretive as Google when it comes to these things) we know what their goals are. It seems that Facebook is trying to focus on compelling content instead of just memes and cat pictures (I still like cat pictures Zuckerburg!). So they’ve made changes that will make compelling content rise to the top.

It gets better, the average Facebook brand page has seen a 44 percent decline in reach since then. In fact, most brand pages only reach about 3 percent of their fans now.

I know it seems like I’m dumping only bad news on you, so now I’m going to explain why this is awesome. It’s like that old adage about the Chinese word for crisis being the same word as opportunity (which isn’t true, but whatever). Now that everyone has had their traffic slashed it’s prime time to jump on the new content bandwagon and rise to the top. So what does this mean?

  • Always focus on engagement. This means you should post things that people will want to respond to. Your goal should be to start as many conversations as possible.
  • DON’T beg for likes, shares, etc. Research indicates that strong calls for actions actually hurt your rankings
  • Avoid memes. I’m sad to say it, but cat pictures don’t engage most people.
  • Post early. Post often. If you’re only updating your page once a week or so, you need to up your output to at least once a day. If not more.

By adapting to these changes you can quickly climb back to the top of the social media mountain. But remember: don’t rest on your laurels. It’s only a matter of time until Facebook shakes everything up again.

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Posted by RJ Mey

RJ Mey