Marketing Tips from our Chief Content Officer

Marketing Tips from our Chief Content Officer

Mike McClintock is our Chief Content Officer (CCO) - the one who fuels our team’s creativity and helps to motivate us. He’s been in the business for over 20 years is sharing some of his best marketing tips.

Don’t Suck

This can seem pretty obvious, but you don’t want your marketing content to suck. How do you accomplish this? Create content that people want to read, watch and engage with that isn’t a sales pitch. Too often we get so caught up with trying to convert, convert, convert, that we forget to engage. People don’t always want to be sold to, and most of the time people aren’t ready to buy yet, so why do we get stuck in this loop of always trying to sell to people? When you’re creating content, the goal is to engage the user, not just to sell to them, so create content that doesn’t suck.

Be Authentic

This goes hand in hand with Don’t Suck. Create authentic content that’s going to evoke the emotion you want people to feel. If you don’t feel authentic when creating your content, your audience will be able to tell. So be yourself, be your brand, and be real!

Talk About What You’re Interested In

If you want to write a blog post about cats but you’re in the manufacturing field, then write a blog post about how your company creates parts that can be used in cat toys. (If your company doesn’t create parts that can be used in cat toys, talk about how your company could create parts that can be used in cat toys.) There’s always an angle to allow you to talk about what you’re interested in, just find that angle be authentic!

Everyone Likes Podcasts

Even if think you don’t like podcasts, you do like podcasts. Multimedia is so important and having a podcast can help to get your name and products out there in a fun and engaging way.


Did we say video yet? VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! It is so important in today’s marketing world to have video content. What do you do when you go on Facebook? If you’re anything like me you get sucked into watching Buzzfeed, NowThis, and cat videos for hours and then end up on Instagram watching people blow glass until midnight without realizing what just happened. Video is the perfect way to gauge a user's interest in a product or idea, and it’s great for converting, too.

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Be Interesting

Again, don’t try to sell everyone all the time. My favorite quote from Mike during our talk was: “Sometimes you have to be interested before you can be interesting.” That is the key. Before you can be interesting to someone, you have to be interested in them. Learn your consumers, find out what they like, show them you care by creating content and campaigns that they will be interested in.

Give Ideas Away For Free

Execution is what really matters, so give away your ideas for free. Show people your great idea, and let them try to run with it. They will find out very shortly it’s not just about the idea, it’s all about the execution.

Automate as Much as You Can

Amen to that! Being in charge of marketing automation at Synectics Media, I can definitely relate to and encourage this! From my experience, you can automate many processes, probably far more than you think you can. Automation is key because it makes your life easier by automatically sending out content to potential customers when they’re ready for it, and it makes it easier on the consumer because they now get content that they want, exactly when they want it. Where you aren’t automating, find a way that you can!

There we have it - favorite marketing tips from our Chief Content Officer, Mike McClintock. Do you have any tips that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments!

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