Our Favorite Brands on Social Media Right Now and Why

Our Favorite Brands on Social Media Right Now and Why

Since their creation, our uses for popular social media platforms have stretched far beyond staying connected with friends and family. Social media has become an integral part of many brands’ marketing strategies. As a result, with more and more content appearing on our timelines, competition has formed for brands to create the most engaging and interesting content possible.

Since we offer social media marketing as a service ourselves, here at Synectics Media we value engaging social media content, and discuss our favorite brands’ content often. We’ve compiled some of our favorite brands on social media so we can share with you why we love their social channels so much!

Grammarly: In case you have not heard of Grammarly, it’s a grammar-checking Google Chrome extension that suggests corrections to your writing online as you type.

Grammarly’s social media presence and content is relevant to many people and industries - who doesn’t need spell check? Because their product is widely used, Grammarly has a broad online audience, but they do a good job of creating content that is relevant to their niche but can still be enjoyed by that wider audience.

Filled with content mostly geared towards people with desk jobs, specifically those who spend a lot of time writing, our favorite platform of Grammarly’s is their Twitter. From useful blogs with writing tips to relatable memes about the perils of Monday mornings, their tweets always add some comedy to our Twitter feed.

HubSpot: As a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales, HubSpot is a strong thought leader in the marketing industry, and we love seeing what they have to offer on social media.

HubSpot provides relatable and educational content largely targeted towards people in the marketing and sales industries. Their Instagram is definitely our favorite channel of theirs. It’s filled mostly with short videos and GIFs about the work week and marketing tips, and they never fail to make us laugh or teach us something!

NowThis: NowThis describes themselves as a “video network built from scratch for people who get their news on mobile devices and through social streams.” While we don’t focus on sharing general news on our channels, outside of work we still need to know what’s happening in the world!

Our Growth Hacker and Project Strategist, Jen O’Dea, says, “I really like NowThis because they cover news stories that I don't really get anywhere else. I don't have cable, so I don't watch the news, but NowThis does a good job highlighting stories on the news in short, easy to digest videos. I like how they present their content.”

NowThis posts their snackable news videos on multiple social media channels, but our team mostly sees them while scrolling through our Facebook feeds.

Wendy’s: Oh, Wendy’s. This is my personal favorite brand online currently. If you spend a lot of time online, there is a chance you have heard about Wendy’s social media presence, specifically on Twitter.

With rap battles with other restaurants, meme references from the depths of the internet, and promotional posts that, as a marketer, I can’t deny are brilliant, Wendy’s has, in my eyes, the best social media presence in the fast food industry. I am continuously entertained by their content. So much so that I make a trip to their Twitter page at least once a day to make sure I haven’t missed something hilarious. If you don't already, do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter.

Grey Ghost Detroit: As a local business in the metro Detroit area, we like to support other local business as much as we can! A renowned Detroit restaurant specializing in the arts of butchery and craft cocktails, Grey Ghost’s website says their name is “a nod to the alias of the most notorious rum running pirate on the Detroit River during the Prohibition era.” Pretty cool, right?

Our Content Producer, Sharon Stanton, follows Grey Ghost on Twitter and says, “They post beautiful photos of their food, keep their followers informed about special events and changes in hours, and they engage with their audience regularly, so they come across as a friendly and approachable business.”

Seeing the photos of their food scroll past on our Twitter feed is usually followed by a “Wanna grab lunch?” We can’t help it, their food is delicious and the photos make us hungry!

Cats on Catnip & We Rate Dogs: The Synectics Media team loves animals. Nearly everyone on our team owns a furry friend, so it’s only natural that some of our favorite brands online revolve around them.

Cats on Catnip is a delightful feed of photos and videos of cats after eating catnip - usually too much. Jen O’Dea says “This is really just fun for me.” She says during last year's election she decided to “change my newsfeed into something that makes me happy. So I went out and found as many cat pages as possible and followed them all. [Cats on Catnip] by far posts the most, and has some of the funniest posts around. Following this page helps me enjoy Facebook and makes my newsfeed a little happier.”

As for We Rate Dogs, their popularity lies mostly on Twitter and is supported by submissions from their nearly 4 million followers. Dog owners send in photos of their dogs, usually doing something cute or funny, We Rate Dogs shares the photo with a funny caption, and then rates the photo (always above a 10). Seeing these photos on our Twitter feed first thing when we log in is always a hilarious and adorable way to start our morning.

What are some of your favorite brands online and why? Let us know in the comments!

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Posted by Emily Salswedel

Emily Salswedel

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