Our Top 10 List of the Best Marketing Blogs

Our Top 10 List of the Best Marketing Blogs

Today we've rounded up our favorite marketing blogs to share with you. As marketing bloggers ourselves, we wanted to turn the tables to speak as followers of blogs, and share with you where we go to learn, become inspired, and be entertained. Here is our list of what we feel are some of the best blogs out there:

10.) Y Combinator: This site provides seed funding for startups. Our Chief Content Officer, Mike, follows their news page as a sort of blog. The page functions almost like a forum, and is a gold mine for the latest news in the world of technology and development.

9.) Venture Beat: This is more of a news source for social media, but it keeps us up to date and we enjoy sharing its articles from time to time.

8.) Search Engine Journal: From SEO and social media blogs to news updates relevant to any and all marketers, this site is an excellent resource!

7.) LunaMetrics: LunaMetrics’ blog is a great source for info on analytics, adwords, and SEO. Our team uses it mostly for its Google product how to’s!

6.) The Story of Telling: Bernadette Jiwa offers a fresh take on telling your organization’s story in a way that resonates with your audience.

5.) Convince and Convert: This blog is undeniably one of our favorites to share from. It features “how-to” blog posts on, well, pretty much everything from community management and customer experience, to influencer marketing and social media strategy.

4.) Moz: On the hunt for a great blog for SEO tips? You’ve found it! Moz describes their blog as “advice, research, how-to’s and insights” from the industry’s top influencers, and that’s pretty accurate.

3.) Content Marketing Institute: The title gives this one away. This blog is ALL about content marketing, and highlights the many categories that fall under the content marketing umbrella. We find plenty of valuable tips here for creating strong content marketing strategies.

2.) Social Media Examiner: For us, this blog offers some of the most comprehensive, approachable content related to effective social media marketing.

1.) HubSpot: This is arguably one of the most popular blogs for marketers, and our team is no exception! HubSpot offers great thoughts about sales and marketing, and new content is added daily. If we’re looking to share some great curated content, this is the first place we search.

“I can’t follow one more blog. I can barely keep up with my inbox as it is.” If this sounds like you, try using a tool like feedly. Set up a free account and start adding the blogs you follow. Feedly keeps all the blogs you follow in one spot, lets you organize by topic, tells you how many new posts are available, and even lets you bump your “can’t miss” blogs to the top of the list.

How about you? What are your favorite blogs to follow, either for your professional or personal interests? Which blogs do you feel are really getting it right, in terms of the value offered, and how information is presented? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and maybe find something new to add to my feedly!

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Posted by Emily Salswedel

Emily Salswedel

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