Recruiting Redefined

Recruiting Redefined

Like most of our team, I wear a number of hats at Synectics Media. (“I wear a number of hats” is such a cliché, but I happen to look good in hats, so I’m going with it. Plus, my mother has always said if you can wear hats, you should, so there’s that, too.)

Anyway, one of my favorite hats is my recruiting hat. I really enjoy meeting new people, hearing about their experiences, finding connections, and figuring out together if we can develop a working relationship. I am always mindful of the fact that recruiting is marketing. Recruiting is sales. When I am in recruiting mode, I am Synectics Media, and part of my job is to make people want to work here.

These are five questions that I ask myself when I am wearing my recruiting hat:

  1. In a networking situation, how am I presenting myself? Do I project an image and energy that is keeping with Synectics Media’s culture? Do people leave conversations with me thinking that Synectics Media must be a pretty great place to work? If not, I have some work to do.
  2. How am I responding to people who have expressed interest in employment? My goal is to respond to all inquiries personally (via email or even phone, when appropriate), and for people to come away from those interactions with as positive a feeling as possible, even when it’s not the response they were hoping for. Some of those phone calls are hard to make, but we can do hard things.
  3. How effective are Synectics Media’s job postings? Do they reflect our company’s culture? Do they carry our “voice” and make people want to join this team? Moosejaw does a great job of reflecting their company culture in their job postings. Before even applying, a person should get a strong feel for whether it would be a good fit or not.
  4. What would our current team say about working here? Is Synectics Media doing all it can to ensure that we keep great people engaged, motivated and satisfied with the work they have done each day? Happy employees make for great PR! Unhappy employees…not so much.
  5. Am I thinking about the present as well as the future? When recruiting, a Zen philosophy will not always serve you well. I need to be thinking about the past and looking at the future. I have met people who are not the right fit right now, but I can clearly see a way they could fit in at a later time.

I strive to make connections with these people, save their resumes and portfolios and check in from time to time to see how they are doing. Another important thing to remember is that any member of your team can serve as a recruiter, simply by being out there, getting involved and meeting new people.

Empower your team to be on the lookout for new talent! What recruiting methods do you swear by? Share them below!

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Posted by Sharon Stanton

Sharon Stanton

Content Producer - As a content producer, Sharon is thoughtful in her approach. She knows the best results come when you have the full picture, so she listens, and strives to make meaningful connections with people. Sharon likes to convey her message in as few words as possible. Sometimes an ironic emoji is all you need.