Seeing Results With Growth Driven Website Design

Seeing Results With Growth Driven Website Design

Growth-Driven Design and the Continuous Improvement Cycle

Traditional website design is broken. Expensive, time consuming, and inflexible, the traditional approach builds sites that look great but often don’t perform.

Building a website that generates and converts qualified leads, while remaining flexible enough to change with market conditions and users’ needs, requires a new approach: Growth-Driven Design.

This article, the fourth in our series on Growth-Driven Design, explores how Growth-Driven Design’s commitment to defined business goals and continuous improvement creates agile, data-driven websites that work.

Growth-Driven Design is built on:

User-Focused Strategy: Understand who you’re trying to reach, then design a site that demonstrates why your organization offers the best solution to your end users’ needs.

High-Performing Site Elements: Brainstorm what elements you’d like on your website, then separate those items into “wants” and “must haves.”

Hypothesis Analysis: After determining your top 20% “must have” site elements, further define the goals of each element with hypothesis statements:

  • “For [persona} visiting the [pricing page], we believe changing [Enterprise Pricing] into a [Request a Quote] will [boost MQL conversion by 10%].
  • “We believe this is true because [research or previously validated assumption].”

A Quick Launch: Your site won’t be perfect when it launches with your highest priority elements, but the quick launch approach helps avoid analysis paralysis and is the springboard for building a site that generates metrics.

Data-Collection: Data collected from the launch pad website provides a qualitative method for eliminating or adjusting site elements that don’t work.

Continuous Improvement: Ensure the best ROI and performance with an agile design approach: use real-world data to adjust site elements and add new elements from your wish list.

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Growth-Driven Design Websites:

  • Evolve with the market and end users’ needs
  • Boost conversions
  • Improve user experience
  • Meet the needs of your target audience with evergreen content and strategic design
  • Build marketing assets that move your business forward long after initial design is completed
  • Launch on time and within budget

Growth-Driven Design never stops asking questions, and the answer to each question improves the performance and targeting of your site.

  • Are site elements performing as well as expected?
  • If not, how can we improve them?
  • What high-value elements should be designed next?

Asking strategic questions throughout the design process means your site will never be static. Instead, your site responds to the market in real time based on data, all the while proving the ROI of design elements and giving you confidence in your investment.

Give us a call to learn more about Growth-Driven Design and how it moves businesses forward. We aren’t in the businesses of designing sites that look pretty or sound great on paper; we’ll help you turn your website into the powerful marketing tool it’s meant to be.

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