In the future, marketing students in virtual schools on Mars will be horrified to learn that social media didn’t exist until the late 20th century.

They’ll be taught that marketing was just a one-sided conversation.

People’s voices didn’t matter much until social media gave them a digital megaphone, and they could share opinions across the planet. Suddenly, companies of all sizes began to notice that social media could greatly affect their business either positively or negatively. The ones who embraced the power of social media thrived and the ones who feared it didn’t survive.

Now’s the time to take charge and participate in the conversation that’s already happening, maybe even without you. It’s no longer about speaking to the customer; it’s about speaking with the customer. That’s a beautiful thing, and Synectics Media can help you harness this new reality.

We can help you navigate the crowded social media waters with expert consulting whether you’re a novice or a veteran who wants to get more from your current outreach. Our social media best practices will enable you to determine why, what, and how you should communicate in social media about your business. We can work with you to integrate your social media plan with your overall marketing program and link it back to organizational goals.

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