Start With Yourself

Start With Yourself

Welcome to March, readers. This month’s theme is “improving your business.” And, if I might say so, it’s quite a doozy. We all want the secret to improving our business…if we knew the answer then we’d already be rich and all that us at Synectics Media would have to write about is kittens and pots of gold.

When I think of improving your business, I think of first improving yourself. After all, your business relies heavily on yourself (or your business relies heavily on you and your employees). The first thing I can think of improving that would effect my job is my schedule. Getting caught up in emails, office duties, paperwork and other unfortunate responsibilities is easy. Realizing you just spent two hours in your inbox happens all too often. So, try setting a more specific schedule for your day. Start out with a half-hour or so of housekeeping, work solidly for another two hours on one item, repeat. After all, it’s reported that people get more done in the morning when they’re fresh into work (or into their coffee).

Finally, when I think of improving myself (and my business), I think of listening more. First, listening to others more – clients, supervisors, fellow employees, the list goes on. Making sure that your goals and plan of attack aligns with others ensures that everyone is on the same page. Getting everyone back on one page after multiple people went off in different directions takes time and eats into productivity. Secondly, the more you listen to others in the beginning (or the more others listen to you) means less confusion later.

There are a lot of ways that you can improve your business, but like I said, I think improvement can really start from yourself (or your employees). It’s a never-ending, uphill battle, but it’s totally worth it.


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Posted by Leah Yanuszeski

Leah Yanuszeski