The Best Marketing Moments of the Year

The Best Marketing Moments of the Year

As we head into the new year, (how is it already almost 2018?) the S13A team took some time to reflect on the past 12 months and think about marketing campaigns that were especially memorable, creative, and inspirational. Here are our picks for 10 of the best marketing moments of 2017:

  1. Duluth Trading Co. Lumberjack Demonstrations

Duluth Trading has earned a reputation for humorous and effective marketing. They’ve recently featured live demonstrations from real lumberjacks at their brick and mortar location openings. These interactive experiences attracted crowds, attention, and are completely on-brand for Duluth.

  1. Lokai Instagram marketing campaign

Lokai is an accessory company that “exists to help you find balance through highs and lows.” Since its founding in 2013, Lokai has built a strong community of loyal brand followers. This is clearly demonstrated in the Lokai Instagram feed, which is filled with beautiful images of Lokai bracelets in exotic, enviable travel locations around the world. Lokai has mastered social media marketing fueled by user-generated content - most of these beautiful Instagram images come from Lokai customers!

Lokai Instagram marketing campaign

  1. Volvo’s “Moments That Never Happen” commercial

This powerful commercial highlights Volvo’s safety features. Trust us, just watch it.

  1. welcome email

When I subscribed to Noah Kagan’s OKDork blog, this is the first email I received. I loved it. Even though it was automatically generated as part of a workflow, it felt personal, it made me smile, it reflected my perception of Noah Kagan’s personal brand, and it gave me something I could use immediately. Winning all around. welcome email

  1. Burger King Burning Stores print ads

This award-winning print campaign speaks for itself. Funny and brilliant.

  1. Wendy’s Trolls McDonald’s on Twitter

The Wendy’s Twitter antics crack our s*** up. They consistently live up to the reputation for online ruthlessness that they have built for themselves. When McDonald’s made a Black Friday Twitter boo-boo, we were impressed with how they recovered. Then we saw Wendy’s trolling them about the about ruthless. While the Wendy’s style doesn’t appeal to everyone, we appreciate it because it’s often funny and always memorable.


  1. Stranger Things/Eggo Superbowl Ad

We love the Nextflix series Stranger Things. We also happen to love waffles. So we were elated by the Superbowl ad that looked like a throwback Eggo commercial but turned out to be a teaser for the second season of Stranger Things. Devoted fans immediately recognized the Eggo waffle reference as a nod to the brand’s placement in season one.


  1. #DeltaDatingWall

Delta Airlines teamed up with Tinder to create the #DeltaDatingWall. Iconic travel destinations were painted on the side of a building in Brooklyn, giving singles the chance to pose and look like “world travelers” in their Tinder profile pictures. We love this kind of interactive campaign.

At the end of the promotion, Delta replaced the dating wall with an incredible display of cleverly rendered airport codes of Delta travel destinations with the tagline Delta Flies You From LGA and JFK To...:


Photo Credit:

  1. Heineken #OpenYourWorld

Heineken’s social experiment brings people of polar opposite beliefs together. They have no knowledge of the other person’s viewpoints. After completing a small building project together, each person’s beliefs are revealed, and they are invited to either leave or sit down with a beer and discuss their differences. We appreciate the message behind this purposeful marketing campaign - to illustrate that there is often more that unites us than divides us.

  1. Southwest Airlines Next Phase of Transfarency Campaign

Originally launched in 2015, this year Southwest Airlines expanded its Transfarency campaign with the addition of Behind Every Seat is a Story. This campaign includes the interactive microsite, which shares individual stories of Southwest customers as well as a scavenger hunt that gave ten people a chance to win a free trip. Based on Southwest’s philosophy of treating its customers with honesty and fairness, we love the feel-good nature of this campaign.

Bonus Entry

We saw this ad from Google after this post was first completed and just couldn’t leave it out! Powerful stuff.

Are any of your favorite marketing moments of 2017 on this list? Did we forget one you think should be included? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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