The Secret to Social Media

The Secret to Social Media

I’m often asked what is the secret to good social media. I believe I know the answer. Unfortunately, it’s not the answer people what to hear. People want a quick fix and magic way to the top, and it’s not that simple.

Sometimes people will use robots to help increase their followers, especially on Twitter. That doesn’t work very well.  Yes, you may impress some people with your big numbers, unfortunately, your followers will tend to be robots too. This does not make for a very engaging community.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the same secret to success and failure. People try the newest trick to get the search engines to rank them higher. Sadly, there are many organizations still digging out of the rubble from the last time Google pulled the plug on the latest SEO cheat. Don’t go there.  Many social media companies do the same thing to try and prevent people from cheating the system.  So, what is the secret?

The secret to good social media (and SEO) is…. *Activity.

Being active and engaged with your social media helps you expand your network.  As you expand your network and become known in your industry, people begin to use you as a resource, share your information and link to your stuff.  This increase in activity improves your search rankings, making it easier for people to find you. Once people discover you as a valuable resource, your new followers will share more of your content.  So, why the asterisk? Being active is important and will earn you more followers and better ranking positions over time. How well your activity works depends on the quality of your activity and the content you produce and share.

Posting something to your account everyday is activity that could earn you a few followers. If you take the time to share other people’s stuff, especially the people who follow you, it will offer you far superior dividends. So, yes, there are quality levels of activity.  Chances are, if it’s easy, it’s not of high quality.

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