3 Quick and Easy Ways to Check Your Site’s Usability

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Check Your Site’s Usability

So you have a website and it’s everything you wanted! It tells who you are, expresses what your brand is all about, and guides people to learn about and possibly purchase your product. But how useable is it? How easy is it for your VIP customer to find the information they need? Studies show that if your customer doesn’t find the information they need in under 10-20 seconds, they’ll navigate away from your page and possibly right over to your competitor (source). Being user-friendly is extremely important in keeping your customers on your page and bringing them back in the future!

  1. Scope out the Competition – Go to your competitors website and time how long it takes you to find what your customer would look for. Alternately, you can check out your favorite websites. What do you like about them?  Where are things such as contact information, shopping cart icons, and other important navigation pieces located on the page? There’s nothing wrong with borrowing ideas on navigation placement.
  2. Wear Their Shoes – Go ahead, try them on! Pick up a pair of your customer’s shoes and take a quick tour of your website. Notice how many pages you have to click through to get what you want, time how long it takes you to search for an item. Can you find the search bar easily? Even better, have your best friend, your neighbor, or your seven-year-old nephew check out your site. Give them a mission and see how quickly they can find what they are looking for.
  3. Survey – Don’t be afraid to put out a survey! Just keep it simple and easy. People aren’t afraid to tell you how usable your site is. Just make sure you put their suggestions to use!

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Posted by Erin Moss

Erin Moss