Does Traditional Print Advertising Still Pack A Marketing Punch?

Does Traditional Print Advertising Still Pack A Marketing Punch?

In this digital age, many companies are looking to the web when spending their marketing dollars. And they’re right to do so! Online marketing is a great way to boost your sales potential and expand your client base. But does this mean that traditional means of advertising (print ads, signs, flyers, postcards, etc.) are a thing of the past?

Absolutely not!

One might think that digital marketing has the upper hand when it comes to visibility, but I would say that digital marketing has some limitations here. Print advertising, flyers, signs, and billboards can be seen constantly. Even in places where there is no internet connection, or a place where people are not typically accessing the internet, such as when they are driving or out to lunch with a friend.

There are also many people who do not have or do not want constant access to the internet. These people can’t be reached as effectively by digital-only advertising, but it is near impossible for them to miss a poster or billboard.

In addition, print ads give people something tangible to hold. It also gives them something to physically pass on to another person, possibly leading to a discussion about the ad. Tangible ads are easier to take home and share. Yes, you can push the “share” button on a digital ad, but when you are handing a friend a flyer, it opens the product up for discussion. Print ads might even require some invaluable interaction between your company and the potential customer, allowing you to even further present your business as the most worthy of their time and money.

The tangibility of print advertising also allows for a “return” of the ad. A busy mother might throw the flyer in her purse, the young adult might stick it in his back pocket while on his way to class, but eventually, they will pull that ad out of the purse, wallet, pocket, backpack and see it again. It’s even possible that they’ll have more time to read and process the ad, increasing their chance of a purchase. With digital marketing, many people will navigate off of the page or click the “Delete” button and the ad has a lesser chance of a “return.”

Finally, print ads have more credibility. Print has to stand up to time, because it is less fluid than digital media. It’s more permanent, which increases the trust people place in the information provided. A blend of both digital and traditional advertising is best. The perfect combination will greatly expand your reach and increase your presence.

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Posted by Erin Moss

Erin Moss