Why Blog Images Matter and How to Make Yours the Best

Why Blog Images Matter and How to Make Yours the Best

A header image is an undeniably important part of every blog. It’s the first thing that catches the reader's attention, whether it be in a social media post, or on the blog page itself, and it’s their first clue as to the topic of the blog. The image not only has to be telling, but also attention-grabbing and unique.

So, what’s the best way to go about creating great blog header images?

Synectics Media uses Growth-Driven Design in our creative process, and our website’s new editorial page design created a space for header images for some of our older blog posts.

I was given the responsibility of finding images for those headers. The first logical step was to look through stock photography on various sites. I chose the most indicative photos I could find: a business handshake for building relationships, a generic business man on a computer for stress at work, but let’s face it, run-of-the-mill stock photography can be boring, non-specific, and sometimes says to the reader: “This is the same old boring blog about the same old boring stuff. Enjoy!”

No one is interested in that. Not to mention, stock photography can be really expensive!

Then we thought, what’s stopping us from taking our own photos? It was the perfect solution! We had all of the creative power to take free stock photos that were exactly what we needed for each individual header. We found that some of the best stock images were the ones we staged ourselves.

After brainstorming some ideas, I created a wishlist of items and asked my co-workers to raid their homes and bring in anything they thought would be helpful. The next day they arrived with boxes of toys and household objects.

Here are some of the results:


Header for “Cross-Training: 4 Ways to Win the Marketing Marathon


Header for “The Invaluable Intern


Header for “How I Enjoy the Summer While Working in an Office

Although we did still end up using a few stock images, we really enjoyed the creativity that went into staging our own stock photos. We love the results and are excited to share them with you.

Have you tried taking your own stock photos? Do you have a different system for creating telling and unique blog header images? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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Posted by Emily Salswedel

Emily Salswedel

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